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Year 1's visit to Brooklands


What happened at Brooklands?

Year 1 had a fantastic day out at Brooklands Transport Museum. The children were so excited to see the planes, buses, cars and motorbikes in real life and there wasn’t a moment to spare in this action-packed day out at the home of British motor racing.

Highlights of the day included: walking underneath Concorde to reach the aircraft park, becoming an aircraft factory worker, making and racing peg cars, pretending to ride inside the old London buses, spotting the bus from Mary Poppins, looking inside the cockpit of a war plane, learning to use Morse code, designing their own aircraft for the future and not forgetting seeing the golden beds inside the Sultan’s plane!

All the children wrote lovely recounts of their day out.  Here are a few…

“On Tuesday 12th November, we went to Brooklands. First we made peg racers. We made it out of buttons, pegs and straws. Next we saw a plane. I liked going in the plane. I saw a gold seat belt. Then we saw another plane. The plane was a big plane. I liked seeing the controls inside the big plane. I like seeing the big chair. I liked clock in and clock out. I liked to press the button. I like seeing how the plane is made. It was so exciting.” by Isla-Rose 

“On Tuesday 12th November, we went to Brooklands Museum. First we made peg racers. Next we met Concorde. I really liked its pointy nose and how fast it went. It was so cool. Then I looked at some buses .I especially liked the bus that I got to go on and I pretended it was a school bus. On the way to the aircraft I saw a car engine. It was the biggest, best, brilliant thing I ever saw!  In the aircraft factory I saw how planes were made. It was so cool. At last and for all we saw one brilliant race car. It was so cool!”  by Blake 

“On Tuesday 12th November we went on a trip to Brooklands museum. First we went on an old war plane. Then we saw a bus. We got to go on the inside the canteen bus. There was lots of food. Next we had a race with our cars. We made them from pegs and plastic straws.” By Milan 

“On Tuesday 12th November we went on a trip to Brooklands museum. First we went on a we went on plane. A war plane. Then we got to on a top deck of a bus. Next we went on a royal plane. It was fancy. After we race our cars down the ramp. Finally we got tickets from a man when we were on the bus.” By Shaanti