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Our visit to the Chiltern Open Air Museum

For the Stone Age,  we learnt that they do the same thing that we do but using different methods. We went through every one thousand years to see the importance events leading up to the Neolithic era in the Stone Age. Some of us were wild boars and some of us hunted while the rest of us were wild pigs. We made Stone Age bracelets.  When we travelled through the Iron Age, we whisked milk to make butter. We made bread out of water and flour, we put four spoonfuls of flour into a bowl and we added water until it was a nice consistency. Then, we cooked it in a non-electric fire. in the Stone Age, they made fire out of leather, a steel driver, a cotton wool ball and flint. 

World Book Day 2019


Some fantastic costumes for world Book Day - as usual. A really good effort on the part of children and, of course, parents for your support and wardrobe direction in 2019. Everybody received a small book token with the winners from Nursery to Year 6 (pictured) receiving a slightly larger one.  

New house captains announced


A new set house captains took office on Friday 1st March. The term runs through the second half of the year until the end of the Summer term. They have the inter house netball league and sports days as the highlights of events that need organisation.  Their main role comes in the form of helping manage the school runs smoothly especially at lunchtimes when they help out on the playground. We wish them well for a successful couple of terms. 

New house names announced


The house captains have been working on an overhaul of the house names. You may have noticed that the current names of Da Vinci, Piccasso, Van Gogh and Monet were all male. Rather than a straight change over to all female names to improve gender representation, they decided to go with a set of non-gender specific themes and put these 4 areas to the vote. That vote came back with a clear winner of … gemstones. The new names were finalised in the Star of the Week assembly of the 18th January to much excitement.  Citrine, Emerald, Garnet and Sapphire will represent the four colours yellow, green, red and blue respectively. But what do these gemstones look like, then see below.









Upcoming Events at Robertswood

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