Ufton Court 2020


15:14 Ufton 2020 returns.

14:10 All children present and correct on the coach ready to come home.  

13:20 All activities completed and now tucking in to a picnic lunch. A bit damp but everyone is happy and excited to share all their adventures when we get back.  

11:30 Great Viking raid where the Vikings of 4L (led by Q.A.) managed to victoriously capture the Saxon Princess (O.D.) swiftly followed by the King (A.D.) despite receiving a hammering in the battle. All ended with a final trade where the Saxons of 4C surrendered their money and gifted the Vikings a Baron (L.G.) in return for the safe return of their King. Both groups very pleased with the outcome and the Vikings have promised to never return again....

Big dig and Orienteering to follow before a quick lunch and then onto the coach.  

09:00 Breakfast consumed happily by all. Lots of smiling faces ready for the Viking raid. Hope we don't lose too many in the battle.   

07:45 We're up. A bit tired but we're up and looking forward to breakfast and the final activities. We will see you all later. 


21:40 We are all in bed and are all in sleep mode. See you tomorrow.

21:00 Had a fantastic evening. Read a few short stories and have taken the children  up to their rooms and settled them room by room on their final night.  We will see you tomorrow. 

16:29 A great day so far, all refreshed and now sat finding out all the different roles we will need to take on tonight!

13:09 Jacket potato, tuna and mayo and beans have gone down a storm - not all at the same time! Pancakes for pudding got universal approval too. 

12:07 Had a great morning learning lots of new facts about the Saxons. Off for some lunch now, very excited to see what we will get! After lunch, we are doing the final Saxon job we didn't do this morning?

10:00 Breakfast was lovely. Cereal, toast, beans and cheese all gobbled up! Spending this morning learning about some Saxon artefacts, tales and superstitions.

07:15 We are up now. Great start to the morning with at 20 of us out for a pre-breakfast run around the grounds. 

06:45 Some early risers but we are still in bedrooms.


21:36  Touch wood, very quiet on the bedroom front - not all off yet but well on their way. 

20:15  Dinner was lovely. Everyone enjoyed it. Crime and punishment went well, only a couple of deaths but we are hoping R.T. and M.F. come back to life ready for the new challenges tomorrow! Just heading towards bed now ready for lights out around 21:00. 

17:15 Having a great time playing Saxon games in the garden as the sun goes down. Dinner followed by crime and punishment next. I wonder who will survive? 

14:00 Excellent morning learning all about how the Saxons lived in the lovely sunshine. Everyone has tucked into a delicious lunch and shown some great table manners. Looking forward to some photomapping and learning some Saxon games this afternoon once we've seen our rooms!

10:40  We have arrived. Bags dropped off and now heading into the main building for some early refreshments.


09:15 We're off with 53 excited children. The sun is coming out.


Isle of Wight 2019



5.53 We're back

16.00 Just left Winchester services heading up to Basingstoke to pick up the A33  to cut across to the M4. ETA now looks like 5.55p.m.

15.00 Room points - final results. Boys - Room 001 (Conker Crew) 15 points. Room 002 (Jeffery) 13.75 points. Room 003 (Leaf Clover Guys) 11.5 points. Room 004 (FFC) 17.5 points. And upstairs, the girls - Room 101 (Bananas in Pyjamas) 19.75 points. Room 102 (Sunset Island) 15 points. Room 103 (Positive Vibes) 18.5 points

14.35 Coming off the ferry after a bumpy crossing.

12.30 We have left the centre.

9.42 We have checked out with bags in the coach bay ready for loading, breakfast eaten teeth brushed ( not for the first time this week.) Well into our first and final activity of the day including the honour to be the last school on 3G swing for the week. See you later.

7.00 Packing before breakfast and final activity. We are already anticipating a change to yesterday’s arrival time. Now looking at arriving from 6.15pm onwards.


21.46 All asleep. See you tomorrow afternoon between 5.30 and 5.45p.m. outside the front of the school.

21.25 Lights out on the final full day. The disco was a hit in that we had the whole club to ourselves to play tag or hide and seek or sit on tables, run into the toilets or run outside because it’s so warm! Anyway, everybody dressed up and looked good doing whatever it was that they were doing and some room points were awarded for enthusiastic dancing.

16.24  We have made it back from the ‘big walk’ including some unexpected information about a couple of WWII gun positions.  Currently, on our last activity rotation before tea and attention has now turned to focus on the disco. In the meantime, it’s worth mentioning that the children have been brilliant all week and a real credit to families and the school. It’s been a real pleasure and privilege to have been with this group of children. Thanks and appreciation also needs to go to a great group of staff who have helped the trip run smoothly. 

13.20 Lunch provided a shock replacement of one of the three versions of pasta as a cheese and onion pasty took centre stage along with a baked potato and beans and tuna if you wanted it. Looking forward to a nice salad when we get home tomorrow. In bread news,  the whole of the Isle of Wight seems to have suffered from Kingwood’s bread consumption.

11.15 We’re onto our second activity of the morning after another hearty breakfast which has unfortunately resulted in a short supply of bread but we are expecting a delivery after lunch so should all be well for the evening.  Building up to lunchtime and some more pasta which should be useful for the ‘big walk’ this afternoon.

7.00 And we’re off again on day 4 of the adventure getting ready to add to room points with an inspection in 25 minutes followed by a hearty breakfast ready for the ‘big walk‘ to Culver Down and the Yarborough Monument.


21.50 That was quick - all asleep now. Good night.

21.33 Lights out on another busy day. More to come tomorrow.

18.47 A giant game of twister has broken out after tea which is a nice way of letting the mountains of the three versions of pasta go down. There was also icecream.  This activity is a gentle prelude for the competitive finale of day 4 - mini Olympics.

17.00 Final activities being carried out in some lovely early evening sunshine. Groups enjoying orienteering, buggy building  and climbing. Great teamwork in action and plenty of encouragement – typical Robertswood. 

11.20 Room point update. Boys - Room 001 (Conker Crew) 8.5 points. Room 002 (Jeffery) 6 points. Room 003 (Leaf Clover Guys) 5 points. Room 004 (FFC) 7 points. And upstairs, the girls - Room 101 (Bananas in Pyjamas) 9.75 points. Room 102 (Sunset Island) 5 points. Room 103 (Positive Vibes) 7.5 points.

09.45 All we can hear are screams of delight from the various schools around the centre but the loudest by far is ... Robertswood (group 3) who are on the 3G swing - such fun.

7.00 Day 3 in the Isle of Wight house (Kilgerran). We are bit weary this morning and have had to wake some need children up. But, once awake, we have still got the energy and enthusiasm for the day ahead which includes the prospect of 3G swing and have been greeted by a beautiful sunrise.


22.03 And we’re asleep- helped by the fact that we didn’t share the Liverpool result. Good night.

21.45 Lights out on a really good day.

20.00 Campfire is the final activity of the day and its name is ’the flamey’. This is following another hearty tea consisting of burgers, chips sweetcorn or hotdog, chips and sweetcorn. All followed up with visits to the salad bar. Oh, and  a doughnut for pudding.

16.21 Final rotation of activities before the evening meal consisting of leap of faith, fencing and Nightline. Unfortunately, nobody has managed to touch the buoy in leap of faith so we await group 3‘s attempt to complete the challenge in the next hour.

13.10 The biggest lunch ever consisting of sausage roll, chicken noodles, pesto pasta -potentially all on one plate. Don’t forget  cheese, tuna and beans and of course, something from the salad bar! Now lying in the sun basking in the victory that was lunch. Also conker update - 112 is the most we have collected in one room.  Speak later.

12.00 Just coming up from a wonderful time on the beach. Half the group were rock pooling with the other having a  sand castle competition and a bit of beach cricket. Lovely weather looking forward to lunch. Also, don’t forget the geography and the geology.

08.40 Breakfast done and what a banquet it was – sausages, hash browns, scrambled egg and toast. Several visits to the cereal bar and we have wiped out the Isle of Wight of watermelon already.

7.00 Here comes the sun. And the beach and the geography and the suncream? Everybody is up after a good night’s sleep -  looking forward to 1st full day.


22.35 All asleep now. Good night.

21.50 Lights out - now the waiting begins.

21.20 Getting ready for bed after a long day. Lights out in half an hour. Card games and reading breaking out.

20.30 In the middle of scrapheap challenge- three teams making an obstacle for a mini golf course from cardboard - turns out we’re quite imaginative and competitive.

19.00 A little bit of free time before our final activity of the day having had an early tea (the first for Robertswood) Anyway, tea consisted of a choice of chicken sausages and mash or chicken pie or veggie pie followed up with a couple of chocolate muffins. First quote of the trip ‘the food was delicious‘.

16.15 Just starting our first activity of Bush craft (fire lighting), leap of faith and  aeroball.

15.30 Making up beds after having a tour of the site and getting our bearings ready for the week.  On the whole, a good effort from children making their beds and putting clothing away - first room points have been awarded good effort Robertswood.

13.47 We’re on the Isle of Wight. 41 very excited children and 5 adults heading to Bembridge.

12.54 Boarding the Wightlink ferry - looking for the name so you can track us - it’s Victoria of Wight.

12.00 Pulling up at the WW2 memorial in Portsmouth for some lunch overlooking the Isle of Wight. Solent looks calm ready for a smooth crossing later at 1 o’clock.

10.40 We are at Winchester services for a toilet stop and a chance to have a couple of biscuits and a drink.

09.23 And we’re off.




16.39 FRANCE 2019 returns.

14.45 Back in England after getting an earlier train and just joined the M25. Looking like we will be arriving outside the front of the school at 4.45pm. Children will have their passports and EHIC cards and any medication that they had on the trip.

13.40* Well, we seem to be in a train going underneath the channel. See you later after a battle with the M25 .

11.00* We have cleared EU market of their bandannas, hats and bling in general. 2 hours to the Tunnel for lunch and a 2.30* train.

7.00* Up.  Packing, stripping beds - looking forward to home.  But first the market of EU.


22.51* Asleep now. Good night. See you tomorrow.

22.34* Lights out on a final day of what has been a fabulous week. Year 6 have indeed been a unique year group providing high levels of engagement and commitment and support for each other and, in the process,  created for some long lasting memories for themselves and staff alike. Thank you year 6 2019 it’s been a pleasure. And thank you very much to the staff whose energy has helped it run so smoothly. 

21.45* Best disco ever!  A lot of unique and committed dancing over 1 .5 hours of what turned out to be semi-daylight disco. Well done team Robertswood a fantastic effort.

18.28* We have returned to the chateau after a long day of local visits having just walked back from the local beach. The highlight of the day was purchasing crêpes in the local town of Dieppe (pictured above). We are now currently doing a little bit of packing and a lot of preparation for the daylight disco.

9.35* Cider is made from apples? Quick rendition of YMCA while we are waiting but, yes, cider is made from apples and these grow on trees.

7.18* Day 4 and were up slightly later as it’s local visit‘s day including a visit to the cider farm, Dieppe and a walk to to the beac. But, of course, we’re building towards the daylight disco.


22.30* And we’ve gone to sleep pretty much after lights out. See you tomorrow.

20.40* In the middle of French games as the activity for this evening after having a hearty tea consisting of spaghetti bolognese and another highlight of the week - chocolate eclair.  Many extra room points being gained at the different games. And it’s JB who secures the most points with eight over the 3 activities in the evening.

17.20* Heading back to the Château after a great day in the battlefields. Just left Thiepval where we observed an immaculate one minute silence . The children have been a credit to the school and parents can be be proud of their conduct during the day. 

13.33* Moving away from Mansell Copse otherwise known as the Devonshire cemetery just outside Albert. Already been through the amazingly interesting museum in Albert and spent some money in the gift shop. Off to Lochnagar mine.

10.10* Just coming into Albert and have to report on an epic game of uno that finally finished after 1 hour 10. FG won and I think SM picked the whole pack up 3 times. Also a great rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody. Speak later.

6.50* Day 3 in the Kingswood chateau. An early start today for the battlefield adventure. Most slept well last night even through the rather amazing thunderstorm that passed through at 3 o’clock this morning. 


23.00* All asleep. Good night.

22.20* Lights out.

20.00*  An interesting tea consisting of a small pizza for starters, followed by chicken with ‘potato’ balls and green beans followed by a apple turnover and brie. We ate well and have continued to maintain a good average of baguette consumption  to supplement different courses that we didn’t particularly like.

16.11* Well what a day. A lot of information taken in by some really engaged children. The highlight, of course, was spending €10 which went on a lot of sweets. Only a couple went over the limit but some friends bailed them out. Children will be rationed on their sweet intake for the rest of the week.

12.21* Really good listening from children as we find out about the Notre Dame cathedral in Rouen. Currently looking for teeth in the ex-graveyard of peasants that died in the plague. Must make sure we wash our hands before we tuck into that soggy baguette. 

10.00* Well on our way to Rouen after a hearty breakfast of cereal, croissant and fruit. Lunches have also been made consisting of chicken, ham or pastrami and cheese.

7.15* Welcome to day 2.  Team Robertswood is up preparing for the day including room inspections at 7:45 before breakfast at 8 o’clock. Hi visibility jackets are on and day bags packed ready to tread the streets of Rouen later today and hear all about Joan of Arc. Everybody has had a good night’s sleep and we look forward to a lovely day with temperatures heading to 25°. 


23.30* Asleep now. Good night.

22.45* Lights out after a long day.

21.36* We’re on our final activity of climbing or fencing at the end of a really good day.  We’ve also had a good tea of a cheese pastry, fish, rice and ratatouille, a selection of cheese and yoghurt - all washed down with lashings and lashings of water. Getting a little cold now as the sun goes down but nothing that a light jumper won’t take care of.

16.34* We have arrived safe and sound. Currently getting into our rooms, changing into more suitable clothes for quite a warm afternoon and having some free time before the evening activities start after tea at 8 o’clock French time.

15.08* Leaving aquarium for the Chateau. Should be about two hours. Lots of photos have already been taken - you might need to set aside a couple of hours to view them on our return. 

12.36* Into Nausicaa we go. It’s warm on the steps for lunch.

11.22* (*French time) We’re in France. Off to the aquarium for some lunch. No fish were spotted in the tunnel! (wait... no... we didn’t actually go ‘through’ the sea in a train to France)

09.24 Ticket number ’M’. We‘re off to France. Passports at the ready.

7.56 We’ve had a croissant and toilet stop at Clacket lane services. Off to the Channel Tunnel now.

6.17  France 2019 departs