Our School Approach and Curriculum Principles

An environment that provides a safe, happy, well-supported and well-resourced experience are important components to delivering a National curriculum that provides children with the opportunities to develop high levels of self-esteem, resilience and emotional literacy and, in the process, achieve well academically through Robertswood's nurturing approach. We want want our children to use knowledge skilfully so that they are prepared well for the next phase of education and contribute positively to life in general .  

Our curriculum intent

Autumn subject knowledge and skill overview KS1 and KS2 Sept 19 (pdf)


What's happening in English

What do we do in Mathematics

Using knowledge skilfully


Building essential skills

Our starting point is eight essential skills. Known by many different names, these eight skills map across to the four domains that come up time and again as essential whether in the context of education, employment or entrepreneurship. In pairs they cover interpersonal, self-management, creative problem-solving, and communication skills. These eight skills underpin the Skills Builder Framework. 

The skill in focus - Autumn 1


 In the development of ‘Presenting’, the first few steps are about learners speaking clearly and logically, to communicate their ideas. 

The next stage is about being able to make appropriate language choices, considering their audience and why they are presenting. 

Once they have mastered this, learners move on to how to create engaging presentations by thinking about gesture, expression and tone.