Nurture at Robertswood

We have had a dedicated Nurture facility at Robertswood School since 2012. Our ‘Butterflies’ group meet every Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon under the supervision of two qualified Nurture practitioners. We are very proud of the support this group gives both to learning and well-being and in 2017 our Nurture group was filmed to use to train new practitioners.

The 6 Principles of Nurture underpin the work of the group, namely

1. Children’s learning is understood and responded to developmentally

2. The Nurture room offers a safe and predictable environment

3. Children are valued and responded to as individuals to support their self esteem

4. Language is a vital means of communication

5. All behaviour is communication

6. Transitions are important in children’s lives 

Our ‘Butterflies’ leaflet is attached below  

At Robertswood we also apply the Nurture principles as a whole school approach. There is a focus on well-being and relationships and a drive to support the growth and development of all our children. Research clearly demonstrates the impact that this can have on attainment as well as on social and emotional competences. 

Butterflies nurture group

Butterflies nurture group leaflet Dec 2018 (pdf)