The Star Values

Our ‘Star Values’ are very useful. They remind us of expectations and help us to live generously towards each other within and outside of school. They are used to provide focus for assemblies and are explored in lessons in order to develop the culture of Robertswood into a harmonious, safe and enjoyable environment in which to learn. Ultimately, they will provide the foundations for a successful and fulfilling life.

Respect Tokens updates for Summer term

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The Values...

treat others as you would like to be treated

listen to others and don't interrupt

think before you act or speak

always be polite

always be honest

look after the school and its grounds

move quietly and sensibly in school

always allow people to work hard and concentrate

always try hard to do your best in everything that you do

respect others and their belongings

Introducing the Stars of the Week for the Summer term


week 4


week 3


week 2


week 1

Stars of the Term - Spring 2019



Proud Citrine house captains hold onto the Respect Token trophy for the ninth time in their history as they win the Spring term competition