Welcome to the mathematics centre with information for parents to support children

Maths is taught daily from Nursery to Year 6

Early Years focuses on numbers to 20, shape, measuring and simple time. It does this in a practical way, using a variety of resources in order to see Maths problems in a range of contexts at a level suitable for the children, from chalking or painting numbers, to counting objects in a jelly mixture.

At Key Stage One and Two Maths is taught following a mastery approach, which gives the children opportunities to deepen their understanding of the curriculum objectives for their year group. The approach focusses on three skills: 

Fluency: The children practise answering questions using efficient methods which enable them to answer questions both quickly and accurately. Once the children have secure methods, they are then able to select the most suitable method in order to achieve the correct answer.

Reasoning: The children use their mathematical skills to explain and justify answers. 

Problem Solving: The children apply their knowledge to real-life situations.

Learning is supported with resources such as number beads, counting cubes or number formation sheets in order to allow children to be successful with their learning. They are also encouraged to recognise and use pictorial representations to deepen their understanding further. Use of resources and pictures then helps children with abstract mathematical concepts. These approaches will be used throughout the school.

Understanding and correctly using Mathematical vocabulary is vital and there is an emphasis on using this appropriately. Children are often encouraged to explain their working out and reasoning using the correct vocabulary whilst using full sentences to explain their understanding. Children can find this challenging but it really helps them to deepen their understanding. 

Continual monitoring and assessment of maths work enables us to obtain a clear understanding of individual needs. This process allows us to create high standards throughout the school and supports teachers in providing tailored work programmes for individual groups of children. 

Children from the Spring Term of Year One to Year 6 take part in the “Robertswood 99 Club”. This is our weekly times table challenge which allows children to move through levels 11 – Special Recognition practising number bonds, times tables, division facts and maths challenges. 

Supporting your child at home has proven beneficial in helping your child to make progress. A workshop will be held soon to support this further.