Energy in Schools 2019


Launch visit 25.09.19

In times of rising concern over climate change, our aim is to provide data and tools to allow teachers, pupils and energy managers to help reduce the energy use and carbon footprint of their school. The tools include cutting-edge Micro:bit coding tools which introduce pupils to the “Internet of Things” (IoT), and show how IoT can be used to help save energy and reduce carbon emissions.

We now have 23 participating schools; most schools have already set-up all of their equipment and had their inductions, a few still need to complete the set-up.

To allow your school to be ready for the launch next Wednesday could you please check whether: 

·  You can access to the portal: 

·  The 32” TV is set-up in a prominent position in the school and is ready to show the school’s energy usage 

o  Note that the league tables will only go live on 2 October, so please ignore the school’s position until then;

·  The school has selected a group of energy champions whose job will be to encourage everyone in the school to take action on the school’s energy usage;

o  The list of Energy Champion activities is available here:

·  The teachers who will deliver the lesson plans ( ) have access to the coding equipment (the LE hub, bulbs, outlets and microbits) and are able to use these to deliver the lessons;

We have a team here at Samsung who are available to help all schools complete their set-up so that they are ready for the launch.  

Happy energy saving!

Tim Bailey

Head of Energy Innovation